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Monday, May 9, 2016

Cabaret on the Red

Dinner theater returns to Shreveport-Bossier

Dinner theater returns to Shreveport-Bossier

The bright lights of the theater are shining in Shreveport- Bossier City. Lovers of drama and delicious cuisine will find all they need at the Cabaret Dinner Theatre.

“Patrons love being able to come to one location, enjoy drinks and casual conversation, musical entertainment and an evening of live theater,” said Paul H. Moore, artistic director for Cabaret Dinner Theatre. “We’re located in a safe neighborhood that offers plenty of parking and is easily accessible from Arthur Teague Parkway across from the CenturyLink Center.”

Dinner, sometimes served as a sit-down meal and other times as a buffet, is always a preset menu that includes a salad, entrée and dessert, along with water and tea. “Ron Norman and his catering crew from The Derrick do a terrific job serving our meals,” Moore said. A cash bar is also available.

Guests can expect a unique and fun experience at Cabaret Dinner Theatre. “They’ll have an evening filled with good food, musical entertainment during dinner and then live theatre entertainment after, usually a comedy or a murder mystery,” Moore said.

Moore, who also serves as the facility manager for Event Centre, loves his job. “My favorite part of my job is building the characters of the play into a reality vision to the audience,” Moore said. “Set design and decorating come in second!” “Theater has been a hobby of mine for over 40 years,” Moore said. “My mom and dad had me singing on the radio when I was 5 years old.”

Moore later founded the BackAlley Community Theatre in Grand Cane in 2001. “When we moved back to Shreveport several years ago, I called a bunch of theater supporters together for a workshop brainstorming session, and it became apparent pretty quick that folks wanted a dinner theater again in the Shreveport- Bossier [City] area, as folks recalled the wonderful days of the Barn Dinner Theatre productions out near LSUS on East Kings.”

Within weeks, a star was born – the Cabaret Dinner Theatre, which is now finishing its fourth season.

Betty L. Baker understands what it’s like to love the theater. She starred as Miss Daisy in one of the first productions of the Cabaret Dinner Theatre, “Driving Miss Daisy.”

“What an incredible role,” Baker said.

“Of all that I’ve done, that was my favorite, perhaps because now that I’m 76 years old, I can surely relate to the character. Even I had to cry a bit at the end of the last scene when Miss Daisy was in a nursing home and walking with a walker. She was so lovable to me – a real-life person.”

“To me, acting is not like ‘acting’ – my characters and I have many things in common which make it easy,” said Baker, who gathered the courage to audition for the first time at the age of 62.

“I like many phases of the productions, but I think perhaps getting that immediate live feedback from the audience is the best,” Baker said. “They laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry; we’re all in it together.”

Ken Murphy, another local theater lover, was inspired toward the stage from a much younger age. “I got involved with community theater 40 years ago in Central Louisiana and have worked all over,” Murphy said. “I’ve worn all the hats. I’ve acted, directed, written, produced and stage-managed.”

For Murphy, acting has always been a love, but directing has become a true passion. He loves his work with Cabaret Dinner Theatre. “A director is an artist and the actors are colors, together painting a picture,” Murphy said.

“At Cabaret on the Red, a guest will be transported from their everyday existence to become a witness, if not a participant, in a magical world of fantasy,” Murphy said. “It’s truly an evening of relaxation and good food and good times.”

Tickets are by reservation only and can be purchased at the Box Office by calling 560-5662. “My wife, Janet, handles the box office, and the sooner you make reservations, the closer you sit up front,” Moore said. “First-come, first-served is her motto. We accommodate group sales as well.”

–Betsy St. Amant

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Upcoming event: “Tuna Does Vegas,” May 26, 27 & 27. www.cabaretonthered.com and www.cabaretdinnertheatre.com


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