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Monday, Jan. 29, 2018

Letters to the Editor

I am not a resident of Shreveport and do not have access to The Forum on a (bi-weekly) basis. When I come to Shreveport for doctor's appointments, shopping or visiting, I always try to get a copy of your publication.

Today my husband picked up a copy for me as soon as we entered the building. I eagerly found a seat to open The Forum to find the Sudoku puzzle. Much to my dismay, there's no puzzle! NO SUDOKU!!!

Sir, please, please consider adding the puzzles back to your publication. Thank you.

– Phillipa M. Spencer

My name is Tony Hudgins, and I have a question: Will there continue to be Sudoku and crossword puzzles in The Forum News? They were not in the Jan. 17 edition. I always look forward to reading The Forum News and working the Sudoku puzzle. You have excellent articles of local events and news with great pictures of people at the social events. Thanks.

– Tony Hudgins

From the editor: No worries. The puzzle and Sudoku puzzle are not gone. A last-minute change before press time resulted in us pulling it from that issue.

Letters to the editor may be sent to: The Forum Attn: Editorial Dept. 1158 Texas Ave., Shreveport, La. 71101 Or email: editor@theforumnews.com


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