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Monday, July 16, 2018

Wired & Sassy

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Shreveport sites inspire local jewelry designer

Tracy McComic of Wired & Sassy Artisan Jewelry introduced her latest designs featuring a Shreveport icon, the Spring Street Museum, during downtown’s monthly Artwalk event in June. Tracy exhibited her artwork on location at the museum, where firsttime visitors and long-time supporters enjoyed viewing and purchasing her latest pieces.

While her first foray into jewelry making was through beading, Tracy quickly realized that she wanted to create something more personal that would set her apart from other jewelry artists in the area. She always wanted to work with metal, but thought it would involve torches and welding. Discovering metal clay provided the perfect medium she could form and fire using a kiln at her apartment or The Upstairs Art Studio.

Metal clay consists of recycled/ repurposed metal (bronze, copper, silver) mixed with a liquid binder. Once shaped and dried, it is fired where the binder burns away leaving pure metal. Any excess can be included in the next design. Conserving and rejuvenating natural resources is a theme that runs through Tracy’s work and life.

Inspired by the growing sense of hometown pride in the community, Tracy introduced her first local icon, the Shreveport skyline, during the Shreveport DDA’s first Artwalk event. She creates whimsical jewelry lines using a combination of textures and molds, which are very popular, but the skyline was the first design made from a 3D cast created in collaboration with 3D printer Mark Holstrom.

Always looking to expand her skills, she said, “The Spring Street Museum design is the first created using just my head and my hands.” Referencing an image provided by the museum’s director, Maria Schmelz, who is also a local artist and photographer, Tracy meticulously hand-carved and sculpted the building’s distinctive architectural details.

“The Spring St. Museum is fabulous, but no one knows it’s here, so I chose it.” This theme of preserving interesting architecture and obscure history will run through future pieces, too. View Tracy’s jewelry at the Spring St. Museum, Artspace @Giftspace and Steve Culp’s workshop on Lake Street during Artwalk the first Wednesday in August. www.wiredandsassy.com – Lynn Laird


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