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Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018

Top Business of the Year: RSI Building Products

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RSI Building Products, LLC owner Gerald “Skip” Sayres takes building seriously, and because of that, his company is taking home one of the J. Pat Beaird Small Business of the Year awards for 2018.

For Sayres, winning this award means “knowing that a lot of the things you try to do throughout the years finally worked, and they’re able to make a difference not only seen by our employees but our customers and the community,” he said. “It’s a great honor to have that.”

It’s also another way for everyone who works for him to be recognized, he said, and it gives his employees a boost.

“It’s a neat honor to have and to be able to express to our employees how they contribute to be able to make something like this happen,” he said.

RSI is a wholesale and retail distributor of all types of residential and commercial roofing products, siding materials, drywall, metal studs, insulation, ceiling tile, windows, doors, rain-carrying systems, tools and specialized equipment for purchase and rental.

The company offers an in-house sheet metal shop to meet the need for custom metal pieces and can also fabricate architectural foam shapes.

Sayres believes in a competitive business world, and it is good to be recognized for your achievements.

"It is one way of creating one type of separation from our competitors," he said. "It's something to be proud of."

RSI Building intends to grow and finetune the recent addition of drywall and related products in the future. Revenue growth for 2017 was 18 percent; projected revenue growth for 2018 is 11 to 20 percent, while it is 10 percent for 2019.

RSI Building Products takes seriously its responsibility to give back to the community that has been supportive.

Building materials have been supplied for various projects at the Providence House, and RSI Building Products has been a significant funds contributor on a regular basis for the past 28 years.

Materials have been provided for Habitat for Humanity and the local St. Jude Home, and RSI supports numerous other local volunteer and rescue organizations.

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