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I spent much of my early career living in “shoebox apartments” in New York and San Francisco. Every time I moved, the moving company would say “one-bedroom apartment, no problem.” When they arrived with the truck, it was always “how did you have all this in that one tiny apartment?” I learned how to utilize every inch of space!

Fall is just around the corner! It is time to get your closet and wardrobe in order.

Keep - Donate - Discard

It is never easy saying goodbye. Chances are, you have seen a lot of good times together. You may even be one of those people who elevate their clothing to talisman status, believing a special shirt or pair of socks brings them luck.

When it comes to clothing, however, “all good things must come to an end.”

First needed is a good purge of “not so joyful items” as per the Marie Kondo Method.

Then, discard clothes that do not fit, worn-out items and uncomfortable clothes.

Invest In Better Hangers

Next, all hangers should match. I prefer the clear acrylic hangers used in department stores. These keep the shoulders rounded on blouses and jackets. They come in dress and clip hangers, utilized for skirts and hanging pants long.

Your clothes will all hang at the same level on the rod, creating a clear sightline for your clothes.

Categorize And Colorize

By grouping clothing types together – shirts, pants, skirts, dresses – it makes clothing easier to find!

Take it a step further and put each category by color: This will paint a mental image of your wardrobe, helping you remember what you own while shopping for new items.

With proper organization, you can wake up and say, “Dressing is going to be fun today.”

A good closet should be laid out properly using every inch of space. I always think not only horizontally, but vertically, going all the way to the ceiling.

Getting the math right in a closet is essential. How many times have you seen a closet with clothes dragging the floor?

Looks Pretty, But Does It Work?

Clothes do not come in just two lengths – short and long.

There are short dresses, long dresses, pants hung long, pants folded over, tennis skirts and more.

Adjustable rods provide solutions for this problem.

What about shoes?

Flats, heels, extra tall heels, short boots, tall boots, and flip flops: Shoe shelves should always be adjustable.

Drawers and baskets should be used to store items such as socks, underwear and workout gear that do not sit well on a shelf.

Don’t overlook the details!

Jewelry and accessories should be housed in velvet-lined trays with compartments in drawers to make go-to pieces more readily available.

A freshly organized space should improve your state of mind. With your wardrobe in order, you can focus on other things this fall.

If you have questions about organizing your home or designing your closet, visit www.melaniejohnsonsclosets.com or call 453- 0964. Follow Melanie Johnson on Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz.com for ideas and inspiration.

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