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Monday, Sept. 21, 2020

CREATIVE Cabinetry


Small appliances have their own hidden storage spaces, from the microwave to the food processor . Even the family cat has his own hidden space (below) to answer the call of nature.

Unique ideas for storage spaces

Elevating the functionality of your spaces is a cinch with ingenious and creative solutions.


If you have a project in mind or a storage solution need, Designer Cabinets and Millwork has you covered. The cabinetry company excels at tricking out cabinets, drawers and more to maximize the use of a client’s available space.

Co-owner Dustin Weeks says he migrated from construction and remodeling and into cabinetry out of necessity a decade ago. “We needed a custom, special product we weren’t finding at other places. We decided to make it on our own,” he said.

Weeks says the customer knows what they need or how they plan to use the space. “Do they use hairdryers? Do they need a vanity or place to sit down in the bathroom?” he ask. How a customer will utilize the space determines the workspace design and the set-up of the cabinet interiors.

A popular option in bathrooms is built-in laundry baskets. Designer Cabinets and Millwork installs or custom builds pull-out clothing hamper drawers that accommodate a laundry basket.

Rethinking the utilization of the nooks and crannies in a home can lead to an expansion of a finite resource – cabinet and counter space.

Weeks says a small appliance drawer is another convenience that can be added to bathrooms and kitchens. Plugs are built into the drawers to allow straightening irons, curling irons, hairdryers and electric razors to remain conveniently plugged in and tucked away. “Your countertops are always clean, and you don’t have cords running across them,” he said. Weeks says interior cabinet and drawer design has been an expanding facet of bathroom cabinetry composition.

Built-in trash can systems are a staple as well and keep the garbage out of sight. The cans are put on a pull-out system for ease of use. Appliance lifts are a newer trend and are made to house stand mixers or other heavy, small appliances. Most cabinets don’t have enough clearance to store a mixer. The appliance lift tucks away into a kitchen cabinet when not in use. “We do a lot of them for families who do a lot of baking. You just lift it up, it locks into place, it has two safety latches, and it’s counterweighted so once it has a mixer on it is very easy to move up and down,” he said.

Built-in spice racks and utensil drawers are another innovative solution. These are located to the left or right of the cooktop or range for easy access to spices, dry goods, cooking utensils, and other kitchen essentials.

Microwave drawers are another option. These help to preserve counter or cabinet space by placing the microwave in the kitchen island. Weeks says placement of a microwave drawer in an island reduces the visual weight in the upper portions of the space and gives the room a more spacious aesthetic. “I build cabinets, so I would love to say the cabinets are the beautiful part [of a kitchen], but most people are attracted to the countertop, the backsplash, the hardware,” said Weeks. “They don’t want to see a refrigerator or a microwave. So, you take those things, hide them, and let everything else be the focal point.”

Storage solutions can also be created under staircases. Weeks says these spaces typically have a shallow closet and not much accessible space. He said that area can be tapped with drawers or cabinets. Panels can also be added to the side. “We’ve done hidden panels where you don’t even know there is storage inside of it,” he said.

Furry family members are also included in storage plans with the installation of cute custom doors for the family feline. They have a cat-shaped cutout leading into a unique cabinet space for a litter box.

A place for everything and everything in its place. You can reduce clutter with clever storage ideas.

Sleek storage spaces keep the clutter of daily life from accumulating while allowing convenient access to the same, such as a drawer for the microwave and hidden plugs.


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