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Monday, March 22, 2021

GoNoodle’s Payoff


Website’s videos get children moving

Ask a child about GoNoodle ® and chances are their response is full of excitement and eagerness to show off a move or explain a classroom lesson learned in a Northwest Louisiana elementary school.

It’s been just over three years since CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System gifted GoNoodle to local classrooms across seven Northwest Louisiana parishes. GoNoodle is an investment funded by CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System through Children’s Miracle Network Hospital donations collected in the community at CMNH partner locations, like Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Panda Express and Love’s Truck Stops, and CHRISTUS Foundation Shreveport- Bossier. The $450,000 GoNoodle Plus investment makes it possible for teachers, students and families to have access to the web-based platform for free.

What is GoNoodle? 

It is a website composed of hundreds of movement and mindfulness videos that pull kids out of their seat and off the couch to stretch, wiggle, dance and breathe with two- to fiveminute “brain breaks.” Go Noodle Plus is used in classrooms to bring movement and core subjects together to develop fluency in grade-specific math and ELA topics and address mindfulness, coping and stress reduction.

Why is it important?

On a typical day, children spend an average of six hours practicing sedentary behaviors both during and outside of school. Movement fuels learning. Data shows students who use GoNoodle regularly perform more proficiently in reading and math. GoNoodle Plus complements classroom instruction with movement activities to engage the body and mind by channeling classroom energy with short, interactive physical movement proven to improve student health, boost cognitive processing, focus and academic performance. It is also a tool to support healthy living and improved weight management in students by adding physical activity to reach the CDC recommended 60 minutes of daily movement.

“We feel passionate about the innovative work that GoNoodle is doing across the country to help improve students’ health, boost cognitive processing, focus and academic performance. Our local kids love it, and it is such a rewarding experience to see the benefit locally,” said Amy Heron, executive director, CHRISTUS Foundation Shreveport-Bossier.

In spring 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic set in and schools closed, local teachers found extra teaching support in the ability to share fun GoNoodle activities with students trying to adjust to virtual learning. Parents are also encouraged to take advantage of this resource. Kids need GoNoodle now more than ever before, and if it isn’t routine around the house, it’s time to start grooving. Take the time to log on and create a free family account and get moving to make some mindful memories. Use its resources for calming techniques and to unwind. Find the fun at www.GoNoodle.com, create an account, and head to the links for families and grownups. Both are excellent resources to bring inspiration and good energy anywhere at any time.


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