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Eight inexpensive day trips less than an hour from Shreveport-Bossier

1. Morrell Dairy Farm in Mooringsport: 26-minute drive.

The Morell Dairy Farm is a premier dairy farm and creamery located on the cusp of Blanchard and Mooringsport. Farm owners Randy and Ann Morell produce quality milk, chocolate milk and butter made from Jersey cows. During your visit, you can pet their cows, learn about the milking process and tour their factory. Morell Dairy Farm had their official grand opening in November 2019, but they also offer their products at three locations in the Shreveport-Bossier area, including Rhino Coffee, Lowder Baking Company and Maxwell’s Market. For more information about the dairy farm, visit or visit their Facebook page.

2. Saige Acres Flower Farm and Floristry in Mooringsport: 28-minute drive.

Saige Acres Flower Farm is a family floristry and experiential farm located at 10200 Blanchard Furrh Road in Mooringsport. Meagan Oberley, farm owner and certified florist, produces an assortment of flowers and other lowmaintenance veggies year-round. Recently, Oberley expanded her farm by purchasing a flower truck to distribute bouquets at local farmers’ markets. Visits to the flower farm are reservation only. For more information about Saige Acres Flower Farm, call 318- 525-6981.

3. Allen’s Guide and Tour Service in Vivian: 43-minute drive.

Allen’s Guide and Tour Service allows visitors to fulfill their natural appetite with a quiet yet informative experience on Caddo Lake. Led by fishing expert and tour guide Mark Allen, he takes visitors onto his boat for a one-hour, four-hour or eight-hour cruise on the lake to unwind with a peaceful day of fishing, sightseeing and more. To book a tour, call 903- 530-0611.

4. Bayou Bodcau Dam and Reservoir in Bellevue: 34-minute drive.

If you want to trudge along Louisiana’s bayous, plan a kayaking trip to Bayou Bodcau Wildlife Management Area in Bellevue. This low-key, slow-stream body of water offers a tranquil coasting experience on a picturesque kayaking trail. If you don’t own a kayak, you can contact the Bayou Chapter of the Ozark Society for kayaking events, memberships and training. For more information about Bayou Bodcau, call 318-949-1804. For more information about the Ozark Society, visit

5. Big Mama’s Antiques and Restorations in Hosston: 33-minute drive.

Big Mama’s Antiques and Restorations, located at 6403 Dogwood Street in Hosston, is an obscure African-American-owned antique shop that houses everything from 200-year-old newspapers and documents to vintage portraits and pre- Civil War artifacts. Ray Stephenson, the shop owner, has a larger-than-life personality with an undeniable passion for telling America’s rough history. Stephenson houses everything from original cotton sacks and “for sale” news articles to “Whites Only” and “Coloreds Only” signage. That only touches the surface of his invaluable collection. For more information about the antique shop, call 318-573-2127.

6. Skydive Louisiana in Gilliam: 38-minute drive.

Thrill-seekers are sure to make the drive for skydiving in Gilliam. Skydive Louisiana is a USPA-certified training center dropzone located at 5266 Gilliam Airport Road. The experienced staff members offer tandem jumps, sports jumps and more, giving jumpers one of their most memorable life experiences. For more information, visit or call 318-464- 5867.

7. Robert L. Nance Park in Hosston: 34-minute drive.

Robert L. Nance Park, located 14770 Odom Road, is a local secret with open water that stretches from Hosston to the edge of the Ark-La-Tex. This full-service park has a fishing pier, boat ramp, picnic table, grill, playground and more. It’s the perfect location for family day-trippers seeking a full day of outdoor recreation. For more information about bodies of water in rural Caddo and Bossier parishes, visit

8. Del Bob’s Burrito House in Benton, 23-minute drive.

Del Bob’s Burrito House, a locallyowned, Louisiana-Mex joint located at 6550 Hwy. 3 in Benton. Owner Chris Green specializes in oversized Mexican food staples. You can order everything from a super-sized burrito rolled on a 14- inch tortilla, quesadillas that fit in a pizza box or a two-pound taco that is prepared by special request only. For more information, call 318-395-5110 or visit their Facebook page.

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