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Monday, June 28, 2021

Buyer Beware


Shoddy remodeling can have you paying for years

A bout a year ago, Lisa and Adam Willard, owners of Ashley’s Building and Construction, were at work at a client’s home remodeling two bathrooms. The neighbors across the street approached them and asked if they could look at the home they just purchased.

A young couple with two children used most of their savings to buy the house and were told it was upgraded and beautifully remodeled. Though they had not previously been involved in any home improvement projects, they had an uneasy feeling something just wasn’t right.

When the Willards visited the home, they immediately noticed some problems in the kitchen. The outlets were not properly placed (see photo), and the cabinets were different styles and depths but heavily painted to make them appear uniform. Counter cuts were raw and jagged.

Each room had different flooring. Some rooms were higher than others, and they were coming loose where they met. • The lighting fixtures all had paint strokes on their base as well as paint splatter.

• A full bathroom was added to a child’s room. The shower was 22” by 22.” Code dictates 30”x30.” The tile was installed directly on drywall, and water was leaking from the A/C return vent in the hallway.

• You could see cracks in the ceiling and in the walls where drywall tape was coming loose.

• Walls were textured three different ways.

• Tiles were uneven and chipped where it was cut.

• Electic panel wasn’t upgraded. The breaker trips when using small appliances.

• No permits, other than for gas, were applied for.

Unfortunately, the couple had already suspected these findings and felt heartbroken and stuck with little savings to fix anything. The Willards say this is not the first time they have seen a situation like this and suggest you do your homework and investigate your contractor, make sure permits are pulled for the work and that your contractor is licensed and insured. If your gut tells you something isn’t right, you should do some further digging.


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