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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Bridal Jewelry: Time to Shine


Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. All of your bases can be covered by bridal baubles.

Jewelry is an integral part of your bridal ensemble, and not just your ring, either. Here’s how to make sure you shine on your big day.

Start at the Top

Every little girl dreams of being a princess on their big day, and some of that dream can come true with a tiara. Tiaras can range into the hundreds of dollars and more, just like other kinds of jewelry. They can be luxe or minimalist and are always a great way to dress up even the most simple dress. When choosing a tiara, keep your hairstyle and veil in mind. You may want to let your stylist know you’re planning on a tiara and have it on hand when they try out your hairstyle.


If you’re going with a tiara, you’ll want your earrings to coordinate. This may be a great place to get your something old (maybe a family set of simple diamond studs or pearls) in.

And, just like with the tiara, you want to coordinate your earrings with your hairdresser. They’ll want to show off particularly dangle styles.

Base Your Look on Your Borrowed Pieces

Don’t let your aunt’s pearls down. Instead, make them the centerpiece of your jewelry. And, experts at Brides say, it’s perfectly acceptable to mix your metals and gemstones, so don’t be afraid to make your look your own. If a piece is being given to you, not just loaned for the big day, Brides suggests working with a jeweler into remaking it into a piece you really love.


Match your necklace to your neckline, Brides says. That means pendants with a V-neck, chokers and statement necklaces with strapless or sweetheart necklines, and so forth. The necklace should sit on your skin if any skin is showing.

Remember, though, don’t feel pressured to do anything. Make your look your own, whether it was old, new, borrowed or blue. And don’t be afraid to stand up to friends or family members to make your wedding day your own. You can also switch things up at any time, even the day of.

If you find a jewelry piece or a look you love, find a place to wear it at the reception or a party or shower before or after your wedding.


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