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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

How to Get Registered


What’s most needed? How much? And from where?

Settling on the answer for these basic questions isn’t easy, but they’ll guide you through the process.

Your completed wedding registry will then provide everything required to begin married life, while perhaps even adding a few personal indulgences.

If you’re unsure how to get started, or want to double check that you haven’t forgotten anything, check out this handy list of “do’s and don’ts.”


Create the registry together. This should be a shared moment where you and your future spouse mesh your own personal styles. Discuss color and pattern preferences so that these foundational gifts build toward a look and feel that you both find comfortable and enjoyable. Many vendors have created programs which allow any registry items that are left unselected to be purchased at a discount after the wedding — and that’s another opportunity to bond.


Set up your registries early and check in on them regularly. If you haven’t registered when you announce the date, or haven’t completed your registry, eager friends and family may purchase something from somewhere else that may not fit into your shared vision. As gifts are purchased, consider adding other things into the registry so that there are always gifts representing a variety of price points for other guests who may log on later.


Overlook needed everyday items. You have you own space, and so does your future spouse. In some cases, you may already be living together. That can lull couples into thinking that they already have these common household purchases covered. But what about the pot with the bad handle, or those old bath towels that need upgrading? Now is the time to think about small luxuries like the thread count on your bed sheets.


Register at multiple outlets. This is important because some of your guests may have a personal preference for a specific retail store. They also may live nearer to one store location, and prefer not to shop online.


Request cash. Instead opt for a cash registry website like Honeyfund or Zola. They have the same look and feel as a traditional online registry, but offer you an opportunity to raise needed funds.


Write personal thank you notes as promptly as possible.


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