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Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023



Fitness Lady caters to women seeking to keep fit and healthy.

Physical and spiritual wellness go hand-in-hand at Fitness Lady

There are a lot of “fitness centers” out there in workout land, and despite some high-profile differences, they are all pretty much the same – places to go sweat, lose weight, sculpt your body or get rid of the urge to strangle someone who richly deserves it.

Different, however, is Fitness Lady in Bossier City, whose owner and head cheerleading officer is Kedgy Larson.

“I have been very blessed for 31 years; we opened in 1991 as the only all-women’s fitness center in northwest Louisiana. More than anything,” she explained, “I think, we offer something a lot of the gyms do not offer. That’s a focus on the full woman’s life cycle.”

Larson said women come in needing help with some aspect of their lives. “Maybe part of why you need to be serviced here is the fact that you’re so stressed it isn’t funny. You’re taking care of your aging parents, you’ve lost your job, you’re trying to find another, raise kids, and now you need a place just to destress, recharge. Those categories of a woman’s life are really important to address. It’s not just about, here’s 20 pounds, lift it 20 times. Do that and hope it works.”

Larson is proud of her qualified instructors who have studied fitness training, are certified and take continuing education classes to keep current on the changes as the population grows older.

The facility features a 20,000-gallon swimming pool where they also offer water aerobics, a 2,000-gallon whirlpool, a dry heat sauna, showers, a vanity area (with hair dryers), lockers and dressing rooms. Services offered include results-based personal training, various cardio equipment, weighted machines, a free weight area and fitness assessments.

Larson said Fitness Lady is, of course, ladies only and caters to a segment of society that we sometimes don’t fully appreciate. “I don’t know how many daughters or sisters you had in your life; you know, women have a pretty big job. Then when you put them in the workplace as well as the homeplace, now many of us are taking care of parents, our lives can be very thinly spread over many, many categories. Right now, we also have a support group meeting for caregivers of individuals who are going through dementia and Alzheimer’s.”

By the way, that support group is open to the men folks, too.

“Fitness Lady addresses emotional, relational and social needs in women. I think that’s what makes us stand out from just coming in and ‘Here’s a program, do it 20 times, and then we’ll weigh you again.’ Well, life at this particular point, even younger, isn’t about weight anymore. We found out with COVID that life was precious, and it got to be critical for some wonderful people.

“COVID is still here, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol, obesity, dementia; and so, we still need to prepare and to prepare in an environment that is safe, it is welcoming, it is energizing. I think those are some words that really describe who we are and what we do here. We’re really ministers in many ways,” Larson said.

Larson said it’s very much a family affair. Her own family has grown up in the business, with daughter Brianna having a significant role and husband Larry allowed in to fix whatever is broken. “My husband has been the backbone of all the maintenance; you know, he’s kind of like a MacGyver.”

To become a part of the Fitness Lady sisterhood, call 318-747-1897, email fitnesslady@fitnessladyonline.com, or drop by their location at 180 Bossier Crossroads Shopping Center.


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