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Tuesday, April 2, 2024



Don’t tell a mountain not to be tall.

Don’t tell an anthill not to be small.

Don’t tell the Ocean not to be blue.

Don’t’ let somebody tell you

not to be you.

Second Grade Reading Adventure with its hands-on, make and take activities and a popular storytelling stage has been a favored part of ArtBreak for many years. The Reading Adventure encourages students to make reading a lifelong activity and to obtain a public library card. This year’s featured book on the Storytelling stage is Loud Mouse, written by Cara Mentzel and Idina Menzel. It is a lyrical picture book about a little mouse finding her BIG voice, with the help of her sister.

Author Menzel is Frozen’s Elsa and a Tony Award-winner and Mentzel is an acclaimed writer and teacher who will also be one of the featured authors for the Shreve Memorial Library Children’s Book Festival, on May 4.

Samantha Bonnette, Shreve Memorial Library Marketing & Development Manager says, “The story of Loud Mouse really encourages children to be themselves and to be content in all that they do. There will be lots of singing, dancing, silly antics, and of course, costumes. It will be another fun year at ArtBreak 38.”

With much of ArtBreak 38 having a music-theme in 2024, the library staff has designed make-and-take activities that include hand drums and tambourines which children can create with their own colors and designs while listening to the jazz music of The Shreveport Regional Jazz Ensemble (SRJE). SRJE was founded in 1980 under the leadership of the esteemed Mr. Louis C. Wells, Sr., and has been at the forefront of preserving and promoting the artistry of jazz. The Ensemble will play twice a day throughout ArtBreak 38 helping students feel the rhythm in music to help them give rhythm to their art.

Dee the mouse loves to sing, but when she sings for her class something strange happens: she gets bigger and her voice gets louder and louder until it is too loud and she is afraid to sing again – but her little sister, Cara Lee, gives her the confidence to share her talent with everybody.


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