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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

75th Cotillion L’Esprit Rococo


His Royal Majesty Rex LXXV Christian Basinger Frierson and Her Royal Majesty Regina LXXV Miss Emma Deas Pickens.

Rex LXXV Christian Basinger Frierson and Regina LXXV Emma Deas Pickens reign

According to its history page, Cotillion has been an essential part of this area’s spring experience for decades. In 1949, the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce and local business and civic figures got behind an idea put forward by W. C. Money and the chamber’s community affairs committee. Originally called “Holiday in Dixie,” it was a five-day pageant held at State Fair Stadium.

Called “Moonlight and Magnolias,” the first event ran from May 22 to 26 of 1949. It brought together various facets of the community, including churches, a children’s parade, a regatta, a special symphonic event and a formal ball. The event crest was designed by local theater producer Margaret Mary Young and represented the “grace and beauty in work and play” of this area.

Renamed the “Cotillion Club,” the group’s stated objective is to bring about economic impact and spur continued interest in Ark-La-Tex. Over the years, some things have changed, and others have morphed into different types of celebration. There has been an annual treasure hunt, which attracted treasure hunters from far and wide.

But the centerpiece this year, as in the past, is the Cotillion Ball. This year’s theme is “The Spirit of Rococo,” or “L’Esprit Rococo,” if you parlez-vous Français. The group describes the decision to adopt the flavor of 18th century France because it is regarded by many as the height of European culture and manners, exemplified in the period’s capricious take on sophistication often depicted in philosophy, art and fashion. What developed was the sort of extravagance portrayed in the classic movies, particularly in the clothes, palaces and gardens of the French aristocracy.

His Royal Highness the Prince, James Wesley Barlow, and Her Royal Highness Miss Hannah Maurine Falls.

The royal court and the annual theme were a closely guarded secret until the official announcement this year, made in January by Lloyd Brown, president of the Cotillion governing board.

The 75th Cotillion Court King is reigned over by His Royal Majesty, Rex LXXV, Christian Basinger Frierson. Miss Emma Deas Pickens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Pickens, is Her Royal Highness Regina LXXV. She attends the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

His Royal Highness: The prince is Mr. James Wesley Barlow, son of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Barlow. He is currently enrolled at Louisiana Tech University. Serving as Her Royal Highness: The princess is Miss Hannah Maurine Falls, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shawn K. Woods. She is currently a student at LSU in Baton Rouge.

Pages for His Majesty are Master Christian Basinger Frierson III and Master Henry Lanier Moritz.

Her Majesty’s Pages are Master Andrew James Etier and Master Michael Oden Evans.

The Heralds are Miss Stratton Beverly Erwin, Miss Caroline Friday Guy, Miss Mignonne Katherine Hernandez and Miss Frances Elizabeth Smitherman.

The Duchesses of the Court are Miss Betty Anne Alford and Miss Emily Elizabeth Horton. Miss Rosalie May McInnis is the Duchess of Webster Parish, Miss Sheridan Colleen Pesnell is the Duchess of Cane River, and Miss Larsen Elise Weber is the Duchess of Houston.

This year’s Ladies of the Court are Miss Mary Grace Anderson, Miss Georgia Todd Barrett, Miss Wynde-Morgan Gilbert, Miss Anna Pryce Hardtner, Miss McKenna Brooke Kavanaugh, Miss Millicent Olivia LaBorde, Miss Jordan Grace Meiki, Miss Grace Delaite Lowery Nordberg, Miss Ryan Elizabeth Roylance, Miss Mary Elizabeth Rees Smith, Miss Emily Grace Warren and Miss Caroline Grace Zimmer.

The Gentlemen of the 75th Court are Mr. James Campbell Brown, Ms. Ean William Burch, Mr. Pierce Davis Collier, Mr. Joshua Lee Courtney, Mr. Carter Preston Culverhouse, Mr. Hunt Alexander Evans, Mr. Carson David Johnson, Mr. Nicholas George Pavlick, Mr. Edward Lamb Powers, Mr. Harold Kevin Quinn Jr., Mr. Conner Joseph Regard, Mr. Christopher Georgen Rives II, Mr. Samuel Joseph Szwak, Mr. Rowe William Thompson, Mr. Samuel Stephen Vekovius, Mr. Preston St. Claire Willis and Mr. Stafford Rand Yerger.

Attendance of the Cotillion is by membership only, so if you’re interested in becoming a part of this annual event, contact the Cotillion Club.


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