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Tuesday, May 28, 2024



Emily Chafin, Scott Chafin, Marshall Johnston and Rachel Johnston

Lisa and Jeff Free

Jackie and Martin Johnston

Cinder and Mike Puckett

Guests gathered at the home of Emily and Scott Chafin to celebrate a special evening honoring Marshall Johnston, who is now a named member of the Gregorio, Chafin & Johnston Law Firm. Headquartered in Shreveport, the firm works throughout the Gulf Coast, representing people and small businesses. “Marshall is a very talented lawyer, and we are excited about his future as well as the future of the firm,” said firm manager Scott Chafin. — Paul Savage Jr.

Hillary and Colby Moss

Morgan and Kendall Brian

Michael Davis and Erin Leigh Davis

Elva Groves, Billy Grishan and Pam Johnston.

Marshall Johnston, Cinder Puckett, Addie Whitten and Austin Whitten

Laura and Chad Gauthier


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