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Monday, Nov. 24, 2014


Silver Star is home to customers, staff and best barbecue


Silver Star Smokehouse
1201 Dixie Overland Road, Bossier City, LA 71111
Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, closed on Sunday, 752-3633

Longview, Texas, native David Alvis is a celebrity of the barbecue world. 

Known for its world-famous ribs proudly displayed on the sign outside, Silver Star Smokehouse is filled with the best barbecue and brings some of the best country music stars out to Bossier City to perform at The Stage. 

Alvis opened the location with The Stage a little over three years ago to a spot that some fellow restauranteurs have compared to the Super Walmart of barbecue.

What brings many of his customers in is Alvis himself. His friendly personality and good humor are why customers feel so at home at the smokehouse. 

“Our real reward is the people who pull up and eat with us everyday and continue to comeback and bring their friends and friends’ family,” he said.

Prior to opening the location off of Interstate 220 in Bossier City, Silver Star was going strong for about five years on Benton Road. 

“We could seat about 100 at that location,” Alvis said. 

A Realtor approached Alvis early on and told him about the vacant location off I-220. Soon after, with the mind to expand the dining room and have a stage for talented musicians, Alvis purchased the building and did a lot of renovations to the site to make it more restaurant friendly.

Since his purchase of the location, Alvis has been able to host large parties, events and even cater some weddings. He said during the holidays are the busiest time of year. 

Both lunch and dinner draw the same amount of people because of not only the food but the friendly staff. 

Most of the staff have been with Alvis at Silver Star for a number of years. Two employees have been there for 16 years.

Alvis considers all of the staff family because he truly cares about each one of them and they know all the secrets to the recipes. 

“Everybody that works for me cooks a steak how I cook a steak,” Alvis said. “Our food is consistent no matter what day you come on.”

All of the meat that comes out of the kitchen is picture perfect with the grill marks just so and a mouthwatering shine that could stop a whole police force. (Some of the local officers take lunch breaks at Silver Star.)

The ribs come out in a same manner. But as Alvis said, “The ribs are what put us on the map. Ours have lots of meat, there is no fat and they are not greasy. You are getting a quality product and we know how to cook it.” 

The ribs are world-famous for a reason. They aren’t dripping with sauce and in fact will not get your hands too messy, but they would be worth it. They taste smokey yet a little sweet. 

Also, the smoked turkey would be perfect for an early Thanksgiving tease. This turkey is what dreams are made of. The meat is moist with a subtle barbecue flavor – the smokehouse lets the taste of the meat shine more than loading it with their barbecue sauce.

Though their signature barbecue sauce is always on the table in case customers are craving that barbecue flavor. Alvis said the sauce is Texas-style, vinegar-based and homemade. 

The half of chicken is a favorite of the staffs. Some of the staff take their lunch to indulge in this delicious delicately-smoked bird.

Hot links are also a good meaty choice. This spicy sausage is sliced for big mouths who love barbecue. Each of the meats are served on Texas toast.

The side dishes are just as craveable as the meat. What brings in some customers from across town is most likely the potatoes au gratin. These are perfect on a cold day. Creamy, with the perfect amount of spice, the potatoes almost seem like they are in a hot tub of cheesy sauce.

Another side that works hand in hand with any meaty star are the onion rings. These crispy side item is proof that a smokehouse can fry too. 

And speaking of frying, Alvis said each Friday the restaurant serves fried catfish, which he says is the best in town.

But back to the barbecue, which was voted one of the Top 10 best barbecue places in the United States by The Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago. In January, Alvis will open a second location in Texarkana, Texas. With this perfectly, flavored taste and a non-intimidating menu, Alvis is bringing more cowboys and more of his family east for a taste of his award-winning barbecue.

Being from Texas, Alvis said he isn’t taking good barbecue away from Texas, he is just bringing it to Bossier City.


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