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Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019



Christmas in the Sky never fails to dazzle at its biennial mega-party. Hundreds of guests took their turn on the red carpet, and here are a few of our faves. We couldn’t resist the exuberance of these two ladies for our first cover of the year: Carli Herndon and Danielle Burton were real scene stealers. Photos by Jeremy Hernandez. Find more online at: www.318forum.com, or on FB: 318 Forum Magazine. Tag your photos and share. Enjoy!

Amanda Clemons Johnson, Heidi Kallenberg, Waynette Ballangee and Elizabeth Kennedy

Ashley and Jonathan Rose

Dr. Michael Acurio and Courtney Batts

Emily Smith and Nick Oliver

Esteban Valdes and Lori and Jason Riffe

Michael and Carla Riorden

Mike and Susan Muse

Ashely Chance

Carlie Herndon and Danielle Burton

Chammie and Leroy Miller

Brian and Kelly Shadow

Janice Mason and Barry Littleton

Kenn and Lisa Babin

Will and Brianna Rose

Peter and Jenna Van

Gregory and Heidi Kallenberg

Hugh Johnson and Jay Covington

Lashina Mitchell and Jada Durden


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