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Monday, Oct. 5, 2020

Finding Your Wedding Style

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Discover a Wedding Aesthetic that Matches Your Personal Tastes from These Six Popular Designs.

In a world with Pinterest and Instagram, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities when it comes to wedding styles.

To avoid becoming paralyzed by choice or creating a mishmash of unrelated fads, couples should look for inspiration in their personal style.

“I’m a big believer that the wedding should really reflect the couple’s style rather than trying to follow a particular trend,” says Kat Braman, a Miami-based wedding photographer.

Not quite sure what your style is? Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular wedding designs to help you find the one that’s right for you.

Modern minimalism

If you think less is more, this is the wedding style for you. For a modern wedding, picture more of a minimal décor style rather than a lot of elements.

Play with textures and materials, like acrylic chairs, copper utensils and stone chargers, while keeping colors pretty monochrome.

Geometric shapes, too, are another hallmark of contemporary style events. Add the sleek lines to your wedding with a bold hexagonal wedding arch, glass terrarium centerpieces or a cake accented by gold diamonds and triangles.

Your attire, too, should match your surroundings. Avoid lace; instead, choose an evening gown-style dress with minimal embellishments.

Vintage throwback

Prefer the fashions of decades past? Consider bringing that old-fashioned sensibility into your big day with a vintagestyle wedding.

For your décor, lean into the antique look with weathered wood tables or mismatched chairs from the flea market. The color palette should be light and airy with plenty of pastels and floral patterns. And, of course, lace is never out of place – either in your tablescapes or wedding attire.

The key to designing a vintage wedding today, though, is balance.

“I would advise for any style to not go too far in any one direction,” she says. “If, like, every element is vintage, then your wedding is going to look dated. I think it’s important to pick and choose your details. Like Coco Chanel said, put all your accessories on and then take one thing off.”


Make your wedding day as extra as you are with an event that’s pure glam.

Set the stage with a wow-worthy venue like a ballroom with crystal chandeliers or sky-high ceilings. Or you can take a blank space to the next level with gobos and uplighting. Add a touch of luxury with details like velvet chairs, embossed invitations and overflowing flower arrangements.

For attire, nothing says over-the-top like a ball gown. Bonus points if you add a tiara or cathedral-length veil. Bridesmaids can also get in on the glitz with sparkly evening gowns in different metallic shades.

Rustic romance

This style is all about juxtaposing the rustic with the refined for a chic, yet casual atmosphere.

For example, pair a rural venue, like an old farmhouse or barn, with romantic lighting, like candles and string lights, balance twine and burlap details with lace and silk, or create centerpieces with soft flowers and rough cuts of wood.

You can also bring the rustic theme into the guest experience via the menu. Maybe have a Hawaiian-style pig roast with barbecue and mac cheese and collards.


Bohemian dream

Would your friends call you a free spirit? Then, this is the wedding theme for you.

Embody the natural boho spirit with a venue that celebrates the great outdoors, like a National Park, arboretum or nature center. Then, add in ethereal details like gemstones, airy linens, macramé decorations, patterned rugs and plenty of decorative pillows. Florals should be brightly colored in organic, free-flowing arrangements with plenty of greenery.

For the dress, brides should look for dresses with lots of movement and flow, says Braman. She’s even had brides who have opted to go barefoot down the aisle for a boho-style event. For hair, she suggests loose waves accented by flowers or dainty accessories.

Tropical paradise

Don’t wait until the honeymoon for fun in the sun; get started early with tropical-style nuptials.

While a beach venue is the most obvious choice, it’s not required for a tropical wedding. Bring the oasis to you with tropical florals, such as Monstera leaves, orchids, birds of paradise and palm leaves. Keep the rest of the décor light and airy with plenty of white linens and rattan furniture.

Keep the island vibes going with a bar menu featuring tropical cocktails, like piña coladas, mai tais or strawberry daiquiris.

Image Captions

Bohemian dream: A flowy dress, deep colors and tons of greenery will help you live your bohemian dream.

Vintage throwback: Infatuated with a more retro look? Go vintage with a lace dress and a pin curls ‘do.

Rustic romance: If you love the idea of incorporating twine, burlap and wood into your big day, choose a rustic style.

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