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Monday, Oct. 19, 2020

Let’s Get Warmed Up!

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October is National Physical Therapy Month

Early on in my career, I didn’t quite know what all that was about; there were some things we were encouraged to do or talk about since it was our chance to shine, yet it was only Father Time that truly enlightened me. As I have grown a few gray hairs since then (and lost even a few more), I have grown to appreciate the impact we as physical therapists have on people’s lives and livelihoods.

Whether you work in a restaurant or an office, oil field rig or semi-truck, there is something we as the “movement experts” have that can really make a positive difference. I’m going to suggest a few things for this unusual year and 2021 you might consider adding to your list to take care of yourself:

1. Get active (start or return to some form of exercise three to five times per week for 60 minutes).

2. Get to your PT for your annual “wellness” checkup; yes, we do those, too.

3. Make a list of just three things you will do to reduce your stress. Here are a few suggestions:

• Learn breathing techniques to breathe more deeply and fully (look up 4-7-8 breathing).

• Decrease your reliance on social media/internet for entertainment.

• Read an interesting book (a real book if possible, not electronic).

• Focus on your faith, family connections or meditation.

• Get more structure to your sleep and get enough of it (look up sleep hygiene).

• Improve your family relationships and deep friendships (search topics on forming deep friendships).

• Take a health inventory and visit with your doctor about how you can make some positive changes.

I know some of these don’t sound like they should be coming from your physical therapist, but I am taking things from firsthand everyday experiences with patients.

These moments we often take the time to invest in our clients and neighbors make some of the most meaningful differences. Conversations like these help us live better, longer and more healthy lives. Just the other day, I discussed a possible nutritional deficiency with a client who was very low on energy and stamina. Once the changes were made, the effect was amazing and made a huge difference in the therapeutic outcome. Be ready to make changes; that is the mindset of success – the success we want for our clients and ourselves through our work’s richness.

In the words of Gail Sheehy, “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”

Dr. Gregory Redmond is an owner of Eberhardt Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Wellness Clinic at 820 Jordan Street, Suite 150, Shreveport. Call 318-222-7422 for more information.


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