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Monday, Oct. 19, 2020

Things that go BOO in the NIGHT


When Angie Burroughs lets the cat out of the bag, you can bet a host of other goblins and goodies will be right behind it. Burroughs is our favorite go-to person for the over-the-top decorating inspiration for our readers. Just pick and choose a bit of what intrigues you, and like Burroughs, you’ve got style! Can you imagine how much fun she has finding all of these treasures?

Angie and hubby Gerry love family and friends’ response to their over-the-top fun -- especially children. Angie’s sister, Dr. Marian Feducia, was on hand for our visit. The ladies are so fun and hospitable; you want to stay and play with them all day. They are such good spirits!

Happy Halloween to our friends and readers.

Look up, look down, look all around! You can bet there is something cute and creepy just around the corner. Spider webs and witches and skeletons and more, you’ll be impressed when you enter the door. Angie Burroughs (above) and her sister, Dr. Marian Feducia, gave us a tour and pointed out many of the highlights you see here. Time to get your spook on.


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