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Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021


University adapts to COVID-19 challenges

2020 posed many challenges for LSUS, impacting the university at almost every operational level. However, while difficult to navigate, the year offered many opportunities for innovation and growth. As disruptive as the impact of Covid-19 has been, LSUS saw record enrollment in the spring and fall, and the university is now the fastestgrowing higher education institution in Louisiana over the last five years. The year culminated with the Fall Virtual Commencement Celebration, where Chancellor Clark stood on the University Theater stage in front of a giant screen showing the faces of our graduates live, many of whom were dressed in regalia to celebrate their achievement.

Looking ahead at 2021, many challenges will come, requiring both planning and adaptability in this unprecedented time. The LSUS Pandemic Action Team is diligently working with officials from the LSU System, the Louisiana Department of Health, Ochsner Health and local officials on the university’s continued response to Covid-19, including course delivery, campus safety, testing, reporting and overall planning.

In addition to operational planning, new facilities are being added to the campus, including a new Business Intelligence Lab, a state-of-the-art Performance Testing Facility coming to the Health and Physical Education Building, and state funding approved for a vehicular bridge connecting the campus to Pilots Pointe Apartments, the university’s wholly owned and rebranded campus housing. The 10,000-squarefoot Cyber Collaboratory has already become a major academic hub for our campus and our community, bringing industry partners to campus to work on technology-related projects in which the students could have the opportunity to get involved.

This is all possible through the resilience of our faculty, staff and most of all our students, who remain committed to success despite the ever-evolving challenges facing all of us. While it has not been easy, their collective efforts, along with supporters of the university throughout the state, have helped us continue our mission of preparing our students for success in the 21stcentury workforce through education, engagement and innovation. For more information about LSUS, visit us at www.lsus.edu. For more information about the university’s response to Covid-19, please visit www.lsus.edu/coronavirus-updates.


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