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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Thank You Cards


This post-wedding responsibility doesn’t have to be so overwhelming

The challenge is getting started, in particular with a large number of gifts.

It’s best to approach it all in a step-by-step manner, so that the task feels like something more easily achieved. If needed, create a schedule with appointed times to work on your stack of thank you notes, so that it becomes part of your everyday routine.

If they received an invite, that means your guest was already a big part of your life.

Here’s how to thank them for being part of your next adventure.

Whom To Thank

Everyone. Simple, right? Anyone who gave you a gift should receive a special note of thanks. But thank you notes are also recommended for the team of folks who helped make sure your special event ran like clockwork. That includes planners, organizers, decorators and even those who simply handled an unexpected errand for you somewhere along the way. Your wedding might not have happened if it wasn’t for all of these sometimes unseen helpers.

Sending The Notes

Some presents begin arriving before your nuptials, in particular from those who may not be able to attend for whatever reason. The clock starts when received, with a note generally due within a couple of weeks. Tradition allows for a longer timeline for gifts given on the wedding day, when you’re assumed to have a few months in order to respond. It’s important not to wait until you get too close to this deadline, since that will make the task feel more and more insurmountable. Begin sending them out as soon as possible, ideally within weeks of your wedding date.

What To Write

These replies are meant to be a personal gesture, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be formatted at all. If you have a long list of thank you notes, consider tucking a bit of the unique into a simple formula to help ease things along. Start with the traditional greeting, then express gratitude for the specific item. Next add details about how you plan to display or use this particular gift. Finally, add a personal note such as how much they mean to you, or when you hope to see them again. Sign it with kindest regards from both you and your spouse.


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