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Monday, Aug. 14, 2017

on the SCENE

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The 50th anniversary of Captain Shreve High School was celebrated on Aug. 5 at Savoie’s. Alumni enjoyed food, visiting and buying the commemorative T-shirt. The school’s circular architecture defied convention as on Sept. 6, 1967, 1,000 new students assembled for the first time. All three living current and former principals attended as did the widow of the fi rst principal. Coach Lee Hedges, who led the 1973 football team to the 4-A state championship, also made an appearance. Other grads have played at Wimbledon, been in the Olympics, NFL and major league baseball. Notable alumni include elected officials, a West Point graduate, authors, journalists, songwriters, actresses, medical professionals, ministers, teachers, business owners, artists and inventors, and a former Miss Louisiana. The former cotton fi eld transformed into a dynamic center of learning has matriculated approximately 15,000 graduates.

– Mary Ann Van Osdell


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