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Monday, Feb. 12, 2018

healthy SCENE

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Willis-Knighton Heart & Vascular Institute held an open house on Sunday, Jan. 28, at their new $30 million expansion.

The additional 80,000 square feet adds five new surgical suites, 20 additional critical care beds and new technology. The surgery suites are dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Stan Shelby. The day surgery pavillion is named in honor of the late Dr. Albert Bicknell. Also on the scene: The MEGA Heart, a unique walk-through heart exhibit. — Staff

WK Heart & Vascular Institute

1) James K. Elrod and District 8 Commissioner Mike Middleton

2) Shreveport City Councilman James Flurry and wife Pat; City Councilman Willie Bradford and wife Mary.

3) Roger DeVilbiss and Kelly Elrod

4) Opal Wimberly, Helen Weisman and Lavella Chrisman

5) James E. Vanderberry and Brad Perry

6) Carlos Golston, Laura Allen and Damarcus Davis

7) Dr. Frank B. Hughes, Margaret Elrod and Dr. Seborn Woods

8) Margaret Elrod and Mollye Mccalman

9) Guy F. Kennebrew, Susan Cash and Debbie McCall


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