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Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018



1) A production of “The Women” at The Strand Theatre: Mimi Hussey, Sandra Braddock, Jan Elkins, Helen Black, Donna Curtis, Janet Lindsay, Glenda Erwin, Betty Jo LeBrun-Mooring and Jodi Glorioso. It took the front and back page to show these ladies off: October 25, 2006

2) Erica Callais Falbaum finds her niche and pet project by helping kids learn about responsibility: January 3, 2018

3) Pop culture in the form of an illustration for the weekend-long Geek'd Con: August 3, 2016

4) Internationally known artist Nick Cave expresses himself and impresses us: March 3, 2016

5) Summer arrived in full throttle with this HOT issue of The Forum News: July 9, 2003

6) The Blind Tiger celebrating 25 years of success, owners Rick Sloan and Glenn Brannon: June 7, 2017

Bon Apetit

7) Iconic local Chef Giuseppe Brucia: July 9, 2014

8) Generational hot spot, George's Grill: Gudron Robinson, Tini MiLea Casten and founder George Casten: April 3, 2013

9) Walk On's makes its debut with owner Chris McJunkins and LSU football star Jacob Hester: October 28, 2015

10) Serving legendary Tex-Mex, Nicky's Restaurant owners Johnny and Elias Sifuentes have enjoyed more than 35 years of success: August 26, 2009

11) Amber Maddox offers sweet desserts at the 70-year-old Southern Maid Donuts, one of our most delicious covers: November 30, 2011

12) The three brothers of the original Trejo’s Restaurant family: Jorge, Pancho and Celedonio Trejo: August 20, 2003

13) Deli Casino is the one place you never have to take a chance and gamble about a great sandwich. Established in 1979 and still going strong; owners Sam and Dayle George: July 11, 2012

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