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Monday, May 18, 2020

5 Wedding Questions – Answered


Never planned a wedding before?

The prospect of planning your wedding is an exciting endeavor, but it can also be overwhelming. Most couples have never hosted such a big event, so it's not surprising that you probably have a lot of questions.

Hiring a wedding planner can help fill in many of these knowledge gaps since they've often successfully organized hundreds of large scale events.

"A wedding planner is an expert in what he or she does. They can help find vendors who fit the couple's budget and style, assist in reviewing and negotiating contracts and manage a wide range of issues that arise throughout the planning process and on the wedding day," explains Anne Chertoff, trend expert for WeddingWire, a platform that connects couples with wedding vendors.

Whether you decide to hire a professional planner or go it alone, here are the answers to a few common planning questions to get you off on the right foot.

1. How much should I expect to spend?

Some of the most common wedding planning questions revolve around a couple's budget. Unfortunately, 40 percent of couples underestimate how much they'll spend, says Chertoff.

"WeddingWire's Budget Tool can help a couple estimate how much money they can expect to spend on all the different details," advises Chertoff. "Couples should allocate $500-$1,000 to be spent on last-minute items and services that they didn't think they needed to purchase to prevent going over their wedding budget.

2. What does a typical wedding planning timeline look like?

"When working with each couple, the process is never exactly the same. Booking certain vendors, sending out invitations, etc. can vary based on the time of year you are getting married and location," says Rachel Urban, event planner and designer for Loli Events in New York City.

To help ensure tasks are completed on time, make sure you keep and update a checklist with all of the details from securing the venue to purchasing gifts for your wedding party.

3. Can we have a cash bar?

Chertoff advises against using a cash bar to save money. Instead, she says you can limit the alcohol selection to just wine and beer or even choose to have a dry wedding with fun mocktails and soft drinks.

4. Do we need to register for gifts?

"No, but having a wedding registry can help ease the stress of gift shopping for their guests," says Chertoff. "A couple should have at least one wedding registry so that guests can easily find a gift that the couple wants or needs. A wedding registry can be filled with a wide range of items from traditional home products (linens, china) to experiences to charitable donations to cash."

5. What traditions can we skip?

"A lot of couples assume they have to include all the traditions they've heard about or seen in weddings they've attended, but a couple should ask themselves which traditions feel right for them and how they can give some traditions a modern update," says Chertoff.

So, if you don't want to wear a white wedding dress, then don't! If you have stepparents, find ways to incorporate them into your walk down the aisle or reception. Many couples are also forgoing elaborate cake-cutting ceremonies, waiting longer periods to go on their honeymoon, and taking their partner's last name. (Copyright © CTW Features)


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