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Monday, Oct. 5, 2020


Just under 30 days shy of the next presidential election, we all have our thoughts about the process. I want to share a concept I started mentioning years ago. For America’s betterment, beginning in 2024, the new president’s term should be six years instead of four.

The national media is so dishonest now, and so are most of partisan politics, that we can’t count on them for accuracy or direction. My reasoning is, in part, to get the national media and pundits to settle down somewhat and give the duly elected president (by electoral college votes) a chance to fulfi ll the platform the president-elect ran on. Under current terms, if re-elected, the president would serve eight years. That’s too long.

Here’s my thinking: If we implement a sixyear presidential term starting in 2024, there is a better chance for somewhat younger candidates to be considered. If a president is elected for six years, he should have accomplished his goals by year fi ve, so there would be no need to run again. Someone new (and possibly younger) could take up the mantle and run with it. It would be unlikely that someone would be re-elected for a six-year term, which is mostly good.

There should be an “out clause,” just in case a six-year president has the youth and guts to try for a second term and wins. We need to give the voters an additional safeguard: In year seven or eight, set up an option to recall or retire the president through a vote via cell phone. It would take a 50%+1 majority vote of registered voters to unseat the president. An election would then be held within a year.

An upgrade in the election process is essential. The citizens want to be able to hold any president accountable at any time. God Bless America.

– Pat Booras


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