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Monday, Jan. 25, 2021

Perfect Picnics

Romantic Moments Are On the Menu

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, look no further! ByGeorge Florals + Events, LLC can provide just the romantic vibe you’ve been seeking. Offering fully catered picnics in cozy local settings, byGeorge is the perfect opportunity to celebrate love and friendship. A family business run by Angela Tejada, her husband and their extended family, byGeorge is making a romantic splash in Shreveport-Bossier – and the best part is, most of their food comes from local vendors. Clients choose a package online, make a reservation, then simply show up and enjoy.

Picnic package options include “seasonal,” “rustic,” “romantic,” “boho,” and an advanced package perfect for a proposal!

ByGeorge provides two picnic menu options. The original menu consists of a charcuterie board, pinwheel and turkey melt sandwiches, Artisan bread with dipping oil, a variety of seasonal fruits, dessert, water and a choice of tea, soda or juice. The brunch menu (which can be served at any time of day) consists of the same charcuterie board, biscuits with butter and honey, kolache, donuts with various other pastries, and seasonal fruits coffee (hot chocolate can be substituted), water and choice of juice.

If sitting on the ground on blankets isn’t your thing, tables and chairs will be provided for no extra cost. Add-ons are available for photography services, balloons, cupcakes and more.

The concept occurred to Tejada by way of her family memories. “My fondest memories have taken place around the kitchen table, having conversations with family and friends,” Tejada said. “I find our lives keep us moving fast and leave little time for those intimate conversations and memorable moments.

That’s where I come in. My goal is to take away the prep time and clean-up, which allows you to sit and enjoy those conversations that inspire, heal and bring joy to our lives.”

Tejada loves blessing her clients with those opportunities to connect. “My favorite part of my job is not only allowing my creativity to pour out, but it’s the moment the client steps onto the colorful picnic scene and becomes overwhelmed with awe,” Tejada said. “I love making people feel special taking them somewhere completely removed from their everyday life.”

Tejada encourages couples, whether newly dating or long-time married, to experience a picnic. “The picnics allow dating couples the chance to get to know one another on a more intimate level and create that once in a lifetime memory,” Tejada said. “And for those party. “I have a group of ladies that like myself, who have been married for meet every week who have decided to over 30 years, it allows you to share in enjoy one of our picnics just for fun,” another wonderful moment and enjoy Tejada said. “Our services are used each other’s presence.” for birthdays, bridal/baby showers,

But it’s not just all about couples and engagements parties, business meetings romance. If you’re single, never fear. with a twist, mother/daughter tea parties Gather the gals and have an outdoor party. “I have a group of ladies that meet every week who have decided to enjoy one of our picnics just for fun,” Tejada said. “Our services are used for birthdays, bridal/baby showers, engagements parties, business meetings with a twist, mother/daughter tea parties and recently, I heard a dad say this would be a great idea for him and his little girls to have a daddy/daughter date.”

Tejada has already witnessed sweet moments while hosting. “Once, we were on a site overlooking the Red River waiting for our guests,” Tejada said. “The husband had told me this was a surprise for his wife. They’d been isolated with their children due to COVID, and he wanted to do something nice. He got out of the car, then assisted her with his hand over her eyes to the picnic spot. When he removed his hand, she was so overwhelmed with joy. He deserves a standing ovation.”

Since picnics take place outside and are held in small groups, byGeorge has not been negatively impacted by COVID. And as a recently retired RN, health and safety are important to Tejada. “Our team wears mask and gloves from the time our client’s food is prepped in our kitchen to the picnic table itself. Our goal is to not touch your food, table or dinnerware without those gloves and mask in place, and this protocol will extend post-COVID,” Tejada said.

Once the picnic is set up, the staff waits for the clients’ arrival, provides a bit of information to make the picnic as enjoyable as possible, and then vanish from the scene. After the two-hour picnic window is over, they reappear as clean-up fairies and take care of everything. “Our clients do nothing more than show up, enjoy the food, conversation and atmosphere, and let us do the rest.” Tejada said.

To make a reservation, visit www.bygeorgeflorals-events.com/


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