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Friday, Feb. 11, 2022

CHRISTUS Cardiovascular Center of Excellence is Now Open


State-of-the-art facility offers faster, better care

It can happen to anyone: a visit to your cardiologist for a routine check-up finds reason for immediate intervention and, possibly, emergency heart surgery. Knowing where you’ll seek treatment for heart disease and related issues is an important decision if this happens to you.

The newly opened CHRISTUS Cardiovascular Center of Excellence expands access to cutting-edge treatment in a hybrid space that facilitates fast, accurate diagnosis and immediate treatment if needed.

The expert cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons at CHRISTUS Highland Medical Center provide the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical techniques available at the center.

This state-of-the-art heart facility is the capstone project of a $43 million investment to transform the existing hospital footprint. Care is delivered faster and better because of the continued growth and dedication to providing the highest quality patient services. The CHRISTUS Cardiovascular Center has completed a series of expansion projects over the past five years.

“The most notable additions are the three hybrid spaces within the Cardiovascular Center: a hybrid surgical suite, a hybrid catheterization lab and a hybrid electrophysiology lab,” said Steen Trawick, M.D., CEO and chief medical officer, CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System.

The center’s “hybrid” capabilities set a new standard for heart care in this region. The modern space integrates a catheterization lab and a surgical operating room into a single procedural space, making it possible for the surgeon to perform a procedure, if necessary, with no interruption for the patient.

“The hybrid space seamlessly transitions from diagnostic to surgical O.R. without ever moving the patient, saving critical minutes when emergency or more complex intervention is necessary,” Dr. Trawick said.

The hybrid labs feature advanced technology and imaging capabilities, both vital in performing any heart procedure with extraordinary accuracy, and a table in the control room that houses an oversized, angled monitor remotely controlled from a single tablet with the ability to display up to eight unique images at any time.

A crucial step in performing any heart procedure is getting detailed images of the heart, ECG and blood vessels, which the CHRISTUS team can obtain with meticulous accuracy.

CHRISTUS also recruited Dr. John Evans and Dr. Timothy Danish, both Vanderbilt-trained cardiovascular surgeons. Dr. Danish successfully completed the region’s first minimally invasive robotic-assisted heart surgery in December.

The collaboration, leadership and outstanding care by these medical staff members has been recognized nationally. This non-surgical procedure opens narrowed or blocked coronary arteries with a balloon to relieve symptoms of heart disease or reduce heart damage during or after a heart attack.

“Our goal has always been to provide unmatched heart care. Now, we can treat our patients with the most advanced care and treatment available. The Cardiovascular Center of Excellence is our institutional commitment in providing this care,” said Dr. Trawick. “Where to seek heart care shouldn’t be a question.”


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