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Thursday, March 10, 2022

On the Scene


The Shreveport Regional Arts Council, along with Shreveport and Bossier City, flipped the switch on the Bakowski Bridge of Lights along with the mega sponsors Dr. George and Sandra Bakowski. The festivities included a mass wedding with 28 couples getting married or renewing their vows.The new LED computer-controlled lights can be changed to any number of colors. School students have been learning how to program the lights through a partnership with SciPort Discovery Center. — Mark Crawford

Bridge Lighting

1) Sandra and Dr. George Bakowski

2) Chris and Ashley Clarke

3) Bill Joyce and his wife Hilary

4) Yvonne and Daryl Mitchell

5) Stacy Mijalis, Collin Phillips and Heidi Kallenberg

6) Francesca Vega, Henry Price and Susannah Johannsen

7) John and Carlyle Hoogland and Valerie and Mike Hoogland

8) Lamar Pugh and Margaret Shehee

9) Judy Smithson and Jennifer Johnson

10) Sandi and Jeffrey Kallenberg


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