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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

KTAL NBC 6’s ArtBreak’s Got Talent Winner Takes His Talent


All the Way to Broadway

Sixth grade Caddo Middle Magnet student Paul Maxwell Chambers enjoyed singing in his church but had never been in a competition until KTAL NBC 6’s ArtBreak’s Got Talent last spring. He was just excited to be on stage performing with other kids his age after the pandemic had kept him at home studying virtually for his 4th and 5th grade years.

Chambers won KTAL NBC 6’s ArtBreak’s Got Talent with his performance of “Who’s Loving You” by the Jackson 5. Little did he know that in September he would be leading the Jackson 5 as “Little Michael” in Broadway’s box office sensation, “MJ the Musical.”

“ArtBreak was exciting. I was in awe of all the talent, and I was very surprised when I was named ‘Best in Show’ and received the ‘People’s Choice Award,’ but Broadway was an even bigger surprise,” says Chambers. “Michael Jackson has been my musical inspiration. It’s why I chose ‘Who’s Loving You’ for the ArtBreak competition. And now I feel as if I am a part of his legacy,” Max’s mom Kristal says, “It all started with ArtBreak, but Broadway was clearly a God thing. A friend had seen ‘MJ the Musical,’ and said we should see it. I went on the website to look at tickets and saw an audition link. I uploaded Max’s ArtBreak performance and within days the casting director contacted us. Max then completed an audition script, then a zoom interview, and finally an in person interview in New York City. A few weeks later Max had the part.”

“I would ask mom every day: have we heard anything?” said Max, “But now I’m in New York. It’s exciting. It’s cool! I learned to act and dance, which I had not done before. And performing on Broadway has opened my mind to pursuing my talent. I would tell all the kids out there like me—if you have a talent that you would like to pursue, get in classes, work on perfecting your talent, try out for ArtBreak, and never give up.“

There’s no “sitting around with his head hanging down” for Paul Maxwell Chambers. Since his debut as “Little Michael” on September 6, he performs four nights a week in “MJ the Musical.” He appeared on the Today Show on Christmas Eve with other members of the cast to perform “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” as guests of Hoda and Jenna. He has met Matt Damon, who was in the audience and just barely missed meeting Usher, who Max says was in the house, but had to leave right after the performance. You can follow Max@MaxChambers318 to see what else is a “thriller” in his life and career in the Big Apple.

The 38th annual KTAL-NBC 6 ArtBreak’s Got Talent Show premieres Saturday, April 13th at 6:30 pm at Shreveport Convention Center. Contestants from ECE – 12th grades compete in various categories. The talent show features fine arts performances by students, including singers, musicians, dancers, dramatic performances, comedy skits, and monologues. ArtBreak awards a $500 Best of Show prize, a $200 People’s Choice award, and $200 Best Elementary, Middle, and High School awards.


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